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One of the leading property investment company in the UK, based in St. Albans, Hertfordshire. We provide various types of property from short-term accommodation for holiday makers, rooms for professionals, and longer term properties to families and single tenants.

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Providing you with a place to stay is our mandate, but if we were just concerned about getting you an accommodation, we won’t stand out from the myriads of other people who offer the same service. We are different because we put your need as our priority, we seek your comfort above all, we don’t just meet your accommodation needs; we meet your need to connect, belong and be satisfied. LEARN MORE


Gone are those days when owning a home that generates income for you was simple. Now, there are tons of burdensome paperwork, new tax rules and regulations. Finding a tenant is much harder in many areas than it used to be. This is where Alban property comes in; we will view your property to see if it meets our standard after which we will rent it from you, subject to all necessary checks, for an agreed period, often more than two years. That way, the ONLY TENANT you have is US. LEARN MORE


We are one of the leading home buyers in St Albans, especially when it comes to quick home sale. If you want to sell your home in just a few days, we are more than ready to buy. Our long list of satisfied vendors affirms this fact; it’s always a win-win situation for both our sellers and our investors at Alban Property. LEARN MORE