Providing you with a place to stay is our mandate, but if we were just concerned about getting you an accommodation, we won’t stand out from the myriads of other people who offer the same service. We are different because we put your need as our priority, we seek your comfort above all, we don’t just meet your accommodation needs; we meet your need to connect, belong and be satisfied. You are sure to find your preference among our wide range of accommodation options. Therefore, if you are frantic about your privacy and would like to be as distant from people as possible or you are a people person who wants to encounter quite a number as you step outside the comfort of your home, we are here for you. Or maybe you want a decent, fully furnished apartment with every other expenses fully handled, we are also here for you. Perhaps, you are on holiday and want to spend it at a different location and you need help finding a place to stay, we got you covered. Whatever your accommodation needs be, we are dedicated and sold out to finding the exact place that becomes home to you.


What makes a place worthy as a home isn’t the same for everyone. At Alban Property, we have a wide range of accommodation options for your choice. Your privacy, security, need for reliable amenities, proximity and other factors have been considered. We have single dwellings, room rentals, service apartments and holiday lets. So whether you want a refuge from city life or a more social dwelling, or you are a seasonal tenant in need of a quick fix, we are right here for you. Here are our accommodation options

  • Single Dwellings: This is very suitable for family dwelling or for those who value privacy and love space. Our single dwellings are located in friendly environment with adequate security and functional amenities.
  • Room rental: We have room rentals available for students, singles and others who want a compact dwelling. Our rooms are easy to maintain and highly habitable.
  • Serviced apartment: We have service apartment for you if you just want to pay your bills and have every other thing taken care of. Our service apartments are fully furnished with different services.
  • Holiday lets: Contact us for your vacation needs. We have suitable accommodation for that perfect getaway.


At Alban property, our business is to ensure you have an accommodation that suits your taste because it will be your home. We have a lot of options for your Single Dwelling preference. A single dwelling house features an individual dwelling house on a plot of land and it is completely separated by open space on all sides from any other building except the house’s own garage or shed. Our single dwelling houses are built on lots that are larger than the structure of the house itself which may be the garden or yard. Our single dwelling houses are appropriate for families of any size, and for any individual or group of people who want to live together but cherish their privacy and space. Our single dwellings are located in friendly environments that are known to guarantee security of lives and properties. In spite of the fact that our single dwellings promise you the best of shelter, they come at affordable prices that make your pocket smile. Moreover, it is quite easy to rent an accommodation with Alban property; no complicated contracts, no legal hassles. Just you make your choice, pay for it and voila, the house is yours to enjoy.


One of the hardest things is finding a room to live in, and this is hard not because there are shortages of rooms but because of other important factors like the kind of people you will be sharing the apartment with and so on. However, all your worries have been taken care of with Alban property room rental services. You see, we just don’t provide you with a room; we have taken adequate care to scrutinize the environment and kind of people that will be around your new home, they are careful people like you who also want to live around the best people. In addition to this, we ensure that the amenities in our apartments are up and running. With Alban property, you just don’t have to worry as your room(s) will offer the best comfort and coziness you deserve. As if that’s not enough, they come in very affordable prices despite their excellent quality. And if you think we are bluffing, hear this, you have the opportunity to look around and see things for yourself before you decide to rent a room for us. It is a 100% transparent process that’s on the lookout for you.


The fact that you don’t want to clog your mind with renting a house, redecorating and getting it up and running doesn’t mean you have to empty your pocket on n hotel service. In fact, that is why we exist, to give you a better-than-hotel-accommodation at a very affordable fee. Our serviced apartments come with full furnishing that while also maintaining separate areas for dining, cooking, living and sleeping. In fact, the whole point of our serviced apartments is to give you a home-away-from-home experience. For an accommodation that comes extremely cheap compared to others, you still get a lot of icing the flexibility it offers you, you can eat when you feel like, and choose to work if you desire. This makes it easy for you to have business or family meetings in your apartment. You can even have guests to sleep over if you like. Our serviced apartments are suitable for both long and short term stays and it remains one of the most effective ways to save time and money accommodation-wise. So, either you are on a vacation, a business trip or temporary relocation, you can have your pick from our trusted listings of serviced apartments.


They don’t come often, but when they do, we want to make the best use of our holidays. So, you have planned your perfect getaway but one question lingers? Where will I stay? You don’t have to bother your friends in town or your uncle in the city. You only need bother Alban property because we have what you need. We have variety of apartments and rooms from which you can make a rental and enjoy your time off. Our accommodations are well furnished and equipped to meet your needs. Our holiday lets are very affordable, are of excellent quality and guarantee your security. We have taken proper measures to ascertain that you are not let out to dry. We also continue to attend to you as you may need to make enquiries particularly if you are new to the area. We are open every holiday season available to provide accommodation for you. You can have all the flexibility of a home right at your escape center.


A place to call home is a necessity for everyone; however, not every place can be called home. For a place to function as a home, it must not only be able to accommodate you for the night, it must be situated in a friendly environment and possess amenities that ease life for you. We understand your need for a suitable place you can retreat to whenever you need to and we know such place must suit your every desire. Trust us, whatever your accommodation need is, we have just the place for you. Alban property is located in St Albans. We have a pool of rental property services in place to suit your needs and are considered as the best place for an online property search. Whether you need a place to accommodate you and only you such that your privacy is guaranteed, or you need to rent just a room because of conspicuousness, we got you. Our service apartments are fully furnished and they cover utility bills. We also have holiday lets for seasonal tenants like students, tourists and others who just need a place to stay for awhile.