What is the point in owning a property when the hassles attached to it made you wish you didn’t? Why have people to live on YOUR property and at the end of the day, it is a headache? The good news here is that owning a house doesn’t have to be hell…because we exist. Alban property has been constantly affirmed by our clients and advertisers to offer impeccable services. We are a unique letting company that offers impressive renting services which include; ** Guaranteed rent: come rain, come shine, you are sure to be paid the rent. No excuses, no risks, no voids. ** Maintenance: we save you the trouble of checking and checking all over again how your property is being used. It’s on us ** Utility Bill: this will totally be absorbed by us, after all, we are the consumers ** Repairs: at the end of our agreement, your property will be vacated in the state at which we met it. We would have run an inventory at the start and we will do so again at the end All you have to do is rent the house to us while we rent it out to well-screened tenants.


There are several options available for landlords seeking to rent their home out on a guaranteed rent. The best of these service providers reside with Alban property simply because other landlords that have been in your shoes now enjoy constant flow of income and an assurance that their properties are in safe hands. We intentionally take the full responsibility of your property from you while you continue to enjoy the benefits of ownership…and so that it wont sound as if there is nothing in it for us, we offer your house at a fair price for rent and so have a steady supply of tenants who are not only loyal but also provide referrals. The summary of why you should choose us is that we are steady; we are not the rave of the moment king of property investor as we care about building solid and enduring relationships. With us, you can be sure your guaranteed income is 100% guaranteed indeed. And you can extend the contract for as long as we both agree to the terms. Note also that we only rent out your apartments to skilled professionals that have been thoroughly vetted. Whatever the case, your home is in capable hands.


Some things are constant in life…and your rent is one of them. Alban property rents your house from you if it suits our taste and meets our requirements and from that point, you begin to receive guaranteed, uninterruptible rent till the end of our deal. It doesn’t matter even if there are periods when the apartment is void, you are sure to get your rent. It is too good to be true…right? Wrong! The fact about things that are too good to be true is that they usually are, so we won’t leave you wondering the magical method we intend to use to achieve this feat, we will rather explain to you why your rent is guaranteed. You see, we don’t intend to starve in the bid to pay your rent, after all, we are humans too and we don’t feed on air. We are simply going to accomplish this because we already have a steady string of companies, organizations, bodies and individuals that rely on us for their accommodation needs (your house won’t be empty after all). They are reliable so your house will still be in good hands as your pocket gets bigger.


One of the hardest things is finding a room to live in, and this is hard not because there are shortages of rooms but because of other important factors like the kind of people you will be sharing the apartment with and so on. However, all your worries have been taken care of with Alban property room rental services. You see, we just don’t provide you with a room; we have taken adequate care to scrutinize the environment and kind of people that will be around your new home, they are careful people like you who also want to live around the best people. In addition to this, we ensure that the amenities in our apartments are up and running. With Alban property, you just don’t have to worry as your room(s) will offer the best comfort and coziness you deserve. As if that’s not enough, they come in very affordable prices despite their excellent quality. And if you think we are bluffing, hear this, you have the opportunity to look around and see things for yourself before you decide to rent a room for us. It is a 100% transparent process that’s on the lookout for you.


What you really want as a landlord is to ensure your property is well managed and the income keeps coming in. well, the chances of that happening is very slim if you choose to work with an Estate Agent and here are the reasons; • An estate agent’s primary duty is to market properties; sure you don’t want any Tom, Dick or Harry living in your house • Even when an estate agent is responsible for renting out apartment, it is usually to the person that can afford it the most and nothing more • When estate agents manage your property, it is in terms of ensuring rents are paid. Nothing deep and personal simply because he/she has no stake in the matter Here is how Alban property differs; because we are the major stakeholders in the renting of your properties, it becomes paramount that we honour the terms of our agreement. We are the ones who bear the brunt if a tenant misbehaves, we are responsible for updated payment of rentals, we are the ones you hold for everything, it has therefore become a necessity that we manage your property well.